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Habitat for Humanity & ReStore

AmeriSpec is proud to support Habitat for Humanity and ReStore.
AmeriSpec offers pre-occupancy home inspections, one-year follow-up inspections and home energy evaluations to Habitat for Humanity Canada for new homeowners.

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Habitat for Humanity Canada was founded in 1985 and is a national, non-profit organization working towards a better world. Recruiting more than 63,000 volunteers every year and 69 affiliate organizations from coast to coast, HFHC’s goal is to ensure everyone has a safe and decent place to live. With the help of volunteers and community partners, Habitat for Humanity Canada strives to build affordable housing to reduce poverty in Canada and around the world. AmeriSpec is proud to work with and support Habitat for Humanity Canada. For more information, please visit



ReStores are home and building supply stores run by Habitat for Humanity that accept and resell donations of quality new and used building supplies, home furnishings, appliances and home décor. Items are available at a reduced cost, typically 50-80% percent off the original retail value, meaning ReStores can save you money.

Shopping at a ReStore is a socially and environmentally conscious decision, as funds generated support Habitat homebuilding, and because many of the items donated would otherwise end up in a landfill. ReStore first opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1991, and there are now 85 across Canada and over 800 around the world. In June 2013, Canadian ReStores received the Retail Council of Canada’s Social Corporate Responsibility Award.

How does ReStore Work?

ReStore locations are operated by a manager and run mostly by volunteers of local Habitat for Humanity “affiliates”. The funds generated through the sale of donated items help to build more affordable homes in the community for low-income families in need of a hand up. So when you purchase an item at the ReStore near you, proceeds go toward helping build better futures for families in your community.

Why should I donate to ReStore?

Funds generated by ReStores help Habitat for Humanity build more affordable homes in the community for low-income families.

ReStore also diverts thousands of tons of material from landfill each year – 27,000 tons in 2013. Plus, when you donate to a ReStore, you will be provided with a tax receipt for your item’s value.

How do I donate to my ReStore?

First, contact your nearest ReStore by visiting to find out whether your items will be accepted.

Depending on the items you have, you can make your donation in several ways:

  1. Drop off your items at your nearest ReStore.
  2. For larger items, your ReStore may be able to schedule a pick-up.
  3. If you’re undergoing renovations and want to ensure items aren’t damaged, the ReStore may be able to send a salvage team to remove them (for example, kitchen or bathroom cabinets).

What can I find at a ReStore?

There are a wide variety of items to choose from including: windows, doors, paint, hardware, lumber, tools, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, light fixtures, furniture, appliances and more! New items arrive every day, so there’s always something new to find.

How do I find my nearest ReStore?

To find the ReStore nearest you, visit

Can I volunteer at my local ReStore?

Yes. While many Habitat for Humanity affiliates build homes only at certain times of the year, ReStores are open all year and always need the help of volunteers. ReStores are a great place to learn skills and meet new people, all while helping build more affordable Habitat homes for low-income families. Contact your nearest ReStore to find out how you can get involved.